AquaComfort Heat Pump Parts

AquaComfort Heat Pumps

Medallion Energy provides repair and maintenance services for all models of AquaComfort heat pump pool heaters. We also carry a full stock of OEM AquaComfort heat pump parts – ideal for independent contractors and DIY heat pump owners.

Give us a call and have a pool heat pump specialist safely guide you through the diagnostics, repair, and installation process from start to finish.

View the AquaComfort Heat Pump table below and match your unit to the picture or model number, then click the “OEM Parts List” button to view all available parts.


 (Important Notice: Medallion Energy is the only distributor in the United States that carries genuine OEM heat pump parts for ALL series and models of AquaComfort Heat Pumps)



AquaComfort Heat Pump Chart (by series)


AquaComfort Classic Series

Included Models:
AC55, AC75, AC110, AC125, AC125HC, AC150


AquaComfort Signature Series

Included Models:
AC750, AC1050, AC1100, AC1250, AC1500, AC1750, MBP125, MBP175
Also sold as: Aquaheat LS


AquaComfort Classic Black

Included Models:
ACT110, ACT125, ACT150, ACT165, ACT125HC, ACT165HC


AquaComfort XL Series AquaComfort 1250 heat pump aquacomfort ac 1500 heat pump

Included Models:
ACT750, ACT750HC, ACT1100, ACT1100HC, ACT1250, ACT1250HC, ACT1500, ACT1500HC, ACT1750, ACT1750HC


Is your AquaComfort pool heater not working?

Maybe your AquaComfort heat pump is running but not heating. Or maybe it’s not turning on at all.

And without a working heater, how can you enjoy comfortable swims when YOU want to? This is a pool heating problem that needs fixing, and fast — but don’t worry, you’ve already found the solution.

We’re the nation’s leading provider of pool heater repair for all makes and models of AquaComfort pool heat pumps. And whether you’re the do-it-yourself type who likes to get their hands dirty, or prefer the help of experienced heat pump technicians, we can help.

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