Oasis Platinum Heat Pump

 Oasis Platinum Heat Pump
A pool heater you can rely on

Medallian-Flyer Oasis

Wouldn’t it be perfect to enjoy the soothing warm comfort of your pool beyond the summer months?

 Imagine hopping into your pool on a lazy Sunday in September and feeling the same warm embrace of the water you felt in June. That sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

In this world, your heat pump steps in when nature needs a break. And it provides reliable, consistent, and affordable heating that keeps your pool warm all season long.

Oasis is the pool heating solution you’ve been searching for.

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The Oasis Difference: Performance, Reliability, Value

Built to meet all AHRI efficiency requirements, expect nothing less than professional-grade performance with Oasis swimming pool heaters.

Rust and UV-proof housing

oasis pool heater uv proof rust proof housing

All-weather defense that protects and extends the life of your pool heater.

One-Touch Digital Control

oasis pool heater control panel

Easily adjust your pool’s temperature with convenient One-Touch Digitial Control, and let the Oasis handle the rest.

Advanced Control Board w/LED Display

Oasis microcomputer |pool heater

Quickly view the status of your unit at any time on a crystal clear LED display right at the forefront.

Expert Craftsmanship

oasis pool heaters expert craftsmanship

From the robust nature of the compressors to the angle of the fan blades –  every part in an Oasis is carefully selected and tuned for optimal performance.

High-Performance OEM Parts

oasis high performance

Before being built, all parts are factory tested and calibrated to ensure flawless functionality.The result?

seamless and worry-free pool heating experience from day one.

Turboguard Titanium Heat Exchanger

oasis heat exchanger | pool heater

The signature coaxial Turboguard Titanium Heat Exchanger provides a heavy-duty and corrosion-proof waterway.  The inner titanium tubing uses a spiral design for maximum surface area and efficient heat transfer.

Enjoy consistent water flow and soothing warmth beyond sunset.

Every time.

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Precision Water Pressure Sensor

Oasis Water Pressure Sensor

Providing a solid defense against pressure faults, our water pressure sensors are factory calibrated to vigilantly monitor proper PSI and water flow level.

Scroll Compressor

oasis pool heaters compressor

Utilizing a minimal complexity design, the scroll compressor offers quiet, durable, and highly effective performance  you can rely on.  Time and time again.

Reversing Valve

oasis pool heaters reversing valve

Enjoy relaxing warmth or refreshing coolness when you need it thanks to the reversing valve that responsively changes refrigerant directional flow.Reverse stress, and never worry about the pool being too hot or cold again.

Environmentally Powered

oasis pool heat environment

Oasis heat pumps thrive off of “solar energy”, but no bulky panels involved here.An evaporator coil allows the Oasis to harvest natural heat in the atmosphere – keeping your pool warm, and your carbon footprint minimal.

Eco-Safe Refrigerant

Oasis pool heaters r410a refrigerant

The Oasis Platinum uses R410A refrigerant, an eco-safe alternative to fossil fuels that contributes to a safer and greener planet Earth.

  • ZERO harmful gasses
  • 90% less C02 emissions
  • ONE happy planet Earth

Enhanced Cold Resistance

oasis cold resistance

The Oasis Platinum uses advanced defrosting technology to always provide a comfortable swim,  even down to 40-degree weather (10 degrees colder than the industry average).Don’t let chilly weather stop you from getting the most out of your investment.

High Energy Efficiency

oasis pool heaters energy efficient

Oasis pool heaters are all about energy efficiency – providing the most heat, using the least resources. Lower your pool heating bill, and experience affordable heating at  1/4th the cost of natural gas and 1/6th of electrical resistance.Using an Oasis heat pumps saves you thousands in electricity. Enjoy the performance you need, at the price you deserve.<

Save time, save money, and make the switch to a pool heating company that cares.

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