Comfort-Chlor Chlorine Generators

comfort chlorThe Comfort-Chlor is a high-quality chlorine generator designed with the consumer in mind. The generators are comprised of heavy-duty and durable components that promote minimal pool maintenance effort – serving as an excellent investment that ensures maximum enjoyment for years to come.

Pool owners can rejoice over a number of benefits that come with owning one of the most convenient and efficient  pool sanitizing solutions available on the market.

Comfort-Chlor chlorine generators are easy-to-use and feature simple push-button controls so you can enjoy more quality time in the pool with friends and family. Swim in crystal-clear water soft as silk, and take confidence in knowing that Comfort-Chlor’s pH level optimization contributes to a healthier swimming experience.

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A High-Quality Product

All Comfort Chlor chlorine generators built in the USA and are put through rigorous quality control tests to ensure durability, precision, and dependability.  The Comfort-Chlor passes even the strictest of tests with flying colors, providing you with a convenient pool sanitizing solution year after year.


Conservation and efficiency stand as the defining factors of the Comfort-Chlor chlorine generator. With the integration of The Perfect pH Module, the Comfort-Chlor can automatically detect and balance pH levels, resulting in consistently perfect pH levels. The Perfect pH Module utilizes Clear Cell technology to eliminate pH fluctuations and ensure constant chlorine production.

comfort chlor chlorine generator how it works

Comfort-Chlor provides a self-cleaning chlorine management system that is simple-to-use, reliable and built to last. Save your money and money, and invest in one of the most advanced pool sanitizing solutions on the market.

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