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"These folks are the real deal. Friendly, prompt, engaged, and very willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I recommend Medallion without any reservation. A company that goes all the way with you to provide the best customer service I think I’ve ever seen.”-Rick Patterson | Marcy, NY
"Jim was able to pin point my problem. OVER THE PHONE !!!! After, ordering the new part Jim also talked me though the installation of the new part! I don’t know where, they learned their customer service skills, but other business could learn a thing or two from Medallion."-Larry Pietrantonio | Satellite Beach, FL
"I can assure you that after 10 minutes of Jim’s instruction I knew more than any of the technicians in my area. Based upon my personal encounter with Jim Diroff I have the utmost confidence in his company and offer the highest recommendation without reservation."-Edward Bonsignore | Mt. Sinai, NY
"Jim was able to talk me through a couple of troubleshooting techniques over the phone.He was very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I will not do business with anyone else. Without a doubt, Jim earned my business for life!!!"-Bruce McCormick | Langhorne, PA
"Your system is flawless, even for a couple of 80 year olds like us. The pump is humming away outside and we can’t wait to get the temperature up to the level we like. It’s rare to find people like you two who really know what you’re doing and who have the skill to instruct others."-Frank & Elaine Hassler | Rockport, MA
"Jim and Denise Diroff are accessible, professional, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and exceedingly reasonable in terms of price, especially when factoring all the added value, they provide in the job they perform."-Chris Rogers | Falmouth, ME/Kissimme, FL

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What our customers are saying


“I find it refreshing to deal with a company that is as professional as Medallion Energy. ”

– Anthony Scaccianoce | Copper City, FL

“Jim was able to tell me exactly what I needed and how to fix it from looking at my photos. Great customer service!”

– Jody Rondomanski Smith | Methuen, MA

“Thank you ? We love our new pool heater, you are a wonderful company to deal with, my husband and I are very happy with the service.”

– Richard & Lisa Keenan | Wenonah, NJ

“I would highly recommend Jim and Medallion Energy without hesitation.”

– Desmond Singh | Brookfield, CT

“It’s amazing that you were able to help a New York guy from Florida. When I need additional advice or parts I know who I will call.”

– Scott Wadler | Huntington, NY

Few people take the time to walk someone through what needs to be done..and to have someone actually pick up the phone in real time and know what they are talking about is unheard of anymore!

– Mike Russo | Saratoga Springs, NY

I highly recommend that you not only consider this heat pump, but this company to work with!

– James Dunn | Oviedo, FL

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Google Reviews for Medallion Energy

  • George Kassianides
    George Kassianides
    20:54 03 Jun 20
    Hayward Pool Heat Pump was diagnosed by a Medallion technician as having a bad control board. I was charged $115 for diagnosing the problem and $95 additional, total $210 for a half hour visit. Got replacement board from the manufacturer ($129 vs $449 Medallion wanted to charge). Installed the board myself and requested Medallion to make sure system worked correctly. It took a week to get an appointment for a technician to come to check the heater and within minutes he declared the new board also defective. I was unpleasantly surprised when I was charged another $210 when I expected to pay the hourly rate of $95. So after being charged $420 the heater still does not work and I was told if I get a replacement board again, they will charge another $210 even for a visit even though there in no additional diagnosis needed! That is just not right. I would NOT recommend this company or any of your pool heat pump needs. I wish I had not been misled by the 5-star rating other have given them.
    Bruce Magit
    Bruce Magit
    12:34 20 May 20
    Terrible company with extremely poor customer service. Horrible experience! Be warned, do not do business with this company.
    Larry Ninerell
    Larry Ninerell
    18:47 27 Feb 20
    I needed pool heater parts as my heater was not properly working. When I called Medallion, I was immediately helped by Shelly helped me troubleshoot the likely cause over the phone. Ordered the inexpensive parts and they did not work but turns out they needed to be replaced years ago so i was happy to replace them. When I called back, Shelly got Jim involved and he spent 1 hour on the phone with me diagnosing the parts needed and he was spot on. Parts arrived in a couple of days and the heater now works. I could not believe that they would take this much time with me and walk me through the procedures step by step saving me a few thousand dollars. This is my pool heater company for life....as good a job at service as i have seen! Thanks Jim and Shelly. I will be in touch when the need arises again.
    21:05 25 Sep 19
    I have received the best service and courtesy from the staff of Medallion with repair to my Heat Pump. Denise is awesome and I’ recommend the company to anyone who has issues with their heating equipment. Great job staff.
    Dan Werner
    Dan Werner
    15:19 06 Aug 19
    Jim at Medallion Energy did a great job in diagnosing the issue with my Aqua Comfort heat pump and offered the necessary consultative advice that enabled me (with the help of my neighbor) to install a new Contactor and get the pump up and running. Great service goes a long way. I'll keep Jim and Medallion Energy in my contacts for additional needs. Thanks again Jim! Dan Werner - Papillion, NE
    Frank Nardozza
    Frank Nardozza
    19:37 20 May 19
    I needed a part for an AquaComfort classic pool heater and found it at Medallion doing a Web search. The part was a water pressure sensor that was leaking and eventually broke off leaving part of it still in the manifold. After looking at it carefully, I wasn't sure I would be able to get it out but when I spoke to them, they gave me a few good ideas. The one idea that worked was to stick the pointed end of a wood file into the hole enough to unscrew the existing piece. That actually worked and I was then able to put the replacement sensor into the manifold. Anyway everyone at Medallion was professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. I got the part within 3 days of ordering it. I recommend them for any problems with pool heaters. Thank you Medallion Energy!
    Todd Wrenn
    Todd Wrenn
    10:36 03 May 19
    My client's pool heat pump had failed and the manufacturer was out of business. Via google, I found Denise at Medallion Energy. Over several calls, Denise assisted me in the process of determining the issue, provided the necessary parts and walked me through the installation process. Thanks to her, I have a very happy customer! VERY knowledgeable and patient. I would highly recommend!
    Eric Sternfield
    Eric Sternfield
    20:37 08 Apr 19
    Working with Medallion Energy was a great experience. After 12 years our heater quit heating the water. When I called the number I had for the Heater Manufacturer I was connected to Denise at Medallion Energy. I explained what was and wasn't happening and she was able to diagnose my problem and made the necessary recommendations. When the parts arrived, I called and set an appointment with them. It was very reassuring to have someone so patient and knowledgeable on the phone when doing the repair. Denise and Jim helped me get the parts changed out correctly and warned me of all the little things to watch out for on the job. It was easy and worked. It is very nice to get help. Better yet, they answer their phones and return calls. They are a real pleasure to do business with and I highly recommend them.
    Mark Ruggles
    Mark Ruggles
    00:18 19 Oct 18
    Denise and Jim have been the best company I have ever dealt with esp. not living close to their office. They have the best professional service techs as well. They are always up front on whats needed and everything is back up and running in no time. So they will always have my business here in Florida. Thanks again for all your services.
    Saint Paul Dermatology
    Saint Paul Dermatology
    02:00 22 May 18
    Denise and the group are AMaZING. I live in Minnesota and we have a now outdated Rome heat pump. These folks ALWAYS help me keep it running. They are amazing diagnosticians. Usually they can diagnose the problem over the phone send you the part and help you DYI it. But when are system got a refrigerant leak, they walked my HVAC person through it with no problem. Thank you. Sincerely Dr Tasso Pappas
    Jay Dunn
    Jay Dunn
    17:00 05 Mar 18
    I recently switched from roof top solar panels to on the ground heat pump, for my pool heating needs. It was recommended that I look the Oasis Platinum heat pump. What a fantastic recommendation. The pump is a local item from Medallion Energy in Longwood Florida. The equipment is not the only incredible item here though, the company and staff are incredible as well! The pump heats my pool very quickly and is extremely quiet. The first weekend I was home after the installation, I noticed water puddling near the pump. I went to the Medallion website, it was a Sunday, so I decided to level an e-mail about my concern that I might have a leak. Imagine my surprised when shortly after send then e-mail, my phone rang. It wasn’t just Medallion Energy calling to follow up on my e-mail, it was Jim the President of the company and inventor of this heat pump. He walked me through what I was seeing, condensation from the pumps operation. Jim was fantastic to talk to and demonstrated just how much he puts into his company. I highly recommend that you not only consider this heat pump, but this company to work with!
    Harry Hallgring
    Harry Hallgring
    02:46 24 Oct 17
    Jim & Denise were most helpful in getting my heat pump up and running. My initial call to Medallion Energy was simply and inquiry about my faulty unit. Before long, the correct parts were in the mail. Jim provides awesome customer support once the part arrived, explaining not only what needs to be done but also why which will give you a better understanding of the unit you are fixing. A much deserved 5-star review to Medallion Energy!!! Thanks Jim & Denise:)
    Summer Spalliero
    Summer Spalliero
    23:59 24 Sep 17
    Jim and Denise were extremely helpful when a chipmunk decided to nest in our heater causing a small electrical fire. Denise asked us to text pictures and Jim was able to tell us exactly what parts we needed. Then in an effort to save our labor day weekend they worked feverishly to overnight us the parts. Unfortunately, the post office had computer issues and the parts didn't get here until Tuesday. But as soon as the parts arrived Jim made himself available after hours to walk my husband through the repair. Jim's knowledge of our heater was so impressive, the repair went seamlessly and the heater is working great. We have been able to enjoy the pool the last couple of weekends thanks to Jim and Denise. I also could not believe how extremely friendly they both were, has to be the best customer service I've ever had. Thank you again Jim!
    Omar Sosa
    Omar Sosa
    20:00 18 Sep 17
    Jim is just plain awesome. Thank you Jim!
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