Swimming Pool Service And Repair That You Can Count On

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Your swimming pool is a peaceful place for enjoying quality time with family and friends. So you take proper care of it. Cleaning it, balancing the chemicals – the whole nine yards. But over time, even the most well-maintained swimming pools need some love. Because normal wear and tear is just a part of owning a pool.

So what do you when you notice your water level is going down too fast? Or when your pump stops working on a hot summer day?

You relax, pick up the phone, and call a professional swimming pool repair service that can get the job done right.

Medallion Energy’s Swimming Pool Repair division is your go-to source for all things pool repair. Licensed, experienced, and ready to tackle even the toughest pool problems. From leak detection to motor repair and nearly everything in between.

We understand that your swimming pool is a major investment. And it may even be a significant part of your lifestyle. Which is why you can expect all repairs to be done efficiently, carefully, and on-time. So you can go back to enjoying the soothing warming waters of your backyard oasis when you want to.

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Pool/Spa Repair Services

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Here’s a quick summary of our services:

  • Valve replacement: Cracked or damaged valves? No problem, we’ll replace them.
  • Pump/Motor repair: Pool pump won’t turn on? We’ll figure out why and fix it.
  • Pool Equipment replacement: Need to replace your pump, filter, or automation system? We’ll do the work for you.
  • Resurfacing: Crack, chips, or tears in the pool wall? We’ll patch them up.
    • Interior finish (Quartz finish, Pebble finish, and more)
    • Tile and retile work
    • Pavers
  • Pool Filter repair:  Filter isn’t working quite right? We’ll find the problem and solve it
    • Filter cleaning
    • Sand changes
    • Filter media replacement
  • Automation Systems: Can’t get your chemical feed working how it should? We can help
    • Salt water system installation
    • Chlorine generator installation
    • Automation and electronic control setup
  • Deck Renovations: Need help with restoring/renovating your pool deck? Let’s get it done together
    • Pavers
    • Acrylic
    • Clean and seal existing pavers
  • Pool Heater repair and replacement: Broken pool heater? Ice-cold water?

Looking to upgrade?

We also help you with:

  • Pool lighting
  • Hardware installation (ladders, rails, etc.)
  • Cover installation
  • Pool safety accessories

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