The Oasis Platinum Ultra Quiet, a pool heater unlike any other

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Oasis Platinum Ultra Quiet

You’re looking at the ultimate heating solution for pool owners across the country. The Ultra Quiet provides the energy efficient heating you need for a comfortable swim season, whether you live in a cooler climate or a hotter one. And with seacoast treated air coils, it’s made to withstand the toughest conditions, from coast to coast.

But it gets even better. While other heat pumps shut down in the 50s, the Ultra Quiet goes strong all the way down to the 30s. That’s the power of certified low-temperature performance – take that winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Keep your water warm all season long, and get the most out of your pool

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oasis platinum ultra quiet led display buttons


With simple push button controls, automatic temperature settings, bright LED display, and automation capability, on-demand heating is right at your fingertips

oasis platinum ultra quiet uv housing rust proof all weather defense protective housing


Rust proof and UV resistant housing provides a durable, all-weather defense against the harshest natural conditions.

ultra quiet heat pump 50db ultra quiet pool heater

Ultra Quiet Heating

Utilizing a silencing fan top and Sound Shield technology, the Ultra Quiet operates at a low sound level of 50db, making it one of the quietest heat pumps available

oasis platinum ultra quiet energy efficient pool heater eco friendly refrigerant

Energy Efficient & Eco Friendly

Up to 75% cheaper than gas heaters, with 0 harmful emissions produced

oasis platinum ultra quiet titanium heat exchanger pool heat pump

Advanced Heating Technology

Our non-corrosive Titanium Heat Exchanger provides 4 times the surface area of traditional heat exchangers for more effective, and adaptive heat transfer

pool heat pump quick defrost fast defrost

Quick Defrost

Reversing valve allows hot gas to quickly defrost frozen evaporator coils, ensuring consistent heating in all temperatures


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