Here you can access pages for the additional products Medallion Energy carries, including both AquaComfort and Maintenance-related merchandise.


Chlorine Generators

comfort chlor

Comfort-Chlor Chlorine Generator

Comfort-Chlor chlorine generators are easy-to-use and feature simple push-button controls so you can enjoy more quality time in the pool with friends and family. Swim in crystal-clear water soft as silk, and take confidence in knowing that Comfort-Chlor’s pH level optimization contributes to a healthier swimming experience.

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Surge Protectors

compressor defender

Compressor Defender

An advanced surge/brownout/short cycle protective device, the Compressor Defender offers the following features:

  • Auto-Sense Voltage Technology 123-140 VAC Univeraal input voltage
  • Under Voltage Protection
  • Short Cycle protection’
  • LED status indicators for quick and easy troubleshooting
  • Works great with heat pumps!

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