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Medallion Energy Customer Testimonials

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Remy F: 28.552587, -81.754435
Joe Haberman: 39.290380, -76.612190
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Eric West: 47.423630, -120.326871
Mark & Kay Creech: 36.220856, -83.284230
Rick Hewitt: 39.788516, -74.187795
Frank & Elaine Hassler: 42.645891, -70.626912
Ed C: 26.375019, -80.104975
Chris Rogers: 43.729530, -70.241990
Gerry Rutan: 40.685548, -73.372438
Edward Bonsignore: 40.938300, -73.020400
Harold Klouser: 40.518720, -74.412100
Larry Pietrantonio: 28.177733, -80.596000
Todd Humiston: 43.222546, -75.490784
Kevin Kish: 42.888580, -71.280034
Chip: 41.360911, -71.954461
Matthew Voltaggio: 40.866891, -73.216480
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Joanne & Lou Corrado: 40.896286, -73.372718
Jennifer Rodrigues: 40.096741, -74.357690
Marie & Al Palmieri: 40.735293, -73.214085
Jonnet & Peter Abeles: 41.066144, -72.337327
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J Coates: 28.552587, -81.754435
Joe & Sharon Livingston: 28.552587, -81.754435
Jim Holbrook: 43.983900, -69.334000
McGuire: 37.191153, -89.487636
Barron: 40.876300, -73.151900
Brackman: 40.676400, -74.424400
Burkert: 40.858900, -73.216200
Caezza: 41.719800, -72.832000
Lenzinger: 40.700400, -74.939600
Pool Master: 36.313500, -95.610500
Sample: 33.629200, -112.368000
West: 39.005200, -77.405100
Chuck B: 25.472700, -80.447200
Sal: 41.554200, -72.637500
Pete M: 40.941800, -73.105900
Rick Patterson: 43.170600, -75.291700
Karen Abatiello: 40.783200, -73.473200
Mitch Brenner: 40.559900, -74.551700
Summer Spalliero: 40.345100, -74.184000
Karen and Al Abbatiello: 43.152000, -76.061000
Gary Thibodo: 33.189600, -117.239000

Medallion Energy stands as a top choice for professional pool heating services throughout Florida and the United States. With over 30 years of business, we’ve developed a strong reputation for our outstanding customer service and industry expertise. Here is just some of what our most recent customers have to say:


Jim & Denise were most helpful in getting my heat pump up and running.
My initial call to Medallion Energy was simply and inquiry about my faulty unit. Before long, the correct parts were in the mail. Jim provides awesome customer support once the part arrived, explaining not only what needs to be done but also why which will give you a better understanding of the unit you are fixing. A much deserved 5-star review to Medallion Energy!!!

Thanks Jim & Denise:)

Harry Hallgring

Dear Denise and Jim,

Al and I can’t thank you enough for all your help and avice getting our pool heat pump. I was not keen on buying it on the internet. In this day in age it ishard to trust companies that you don’t know. But we took a leap of faith after speaking with you both. I’m glad we did. For anyone reading this letter let me tell you. Don’t even think twice. This company is very trustworthy and helpful in all of your pool needs.

Our heat pump broke and living on Long Island we found it very hard to find the right size pump for our pool. The company where we bought the first one went out of business. The pool stores around here don’t sell quality ones and don’t deal with upright pools. So I began to research on the internet. When I came across Medallion Energy I saw a pump that we liked but wasn’t sure if it would fit our pool. We decided to call the number. The rest is history.

Denise sent me pictures and sizes right away and told us that they would ship it to us. My husband still wasn’t sure if it would fit. Then he spoke to Jim and found out all the things he needed to know about the pump, how it’s made, and the way he could install it. (You see our filter is behind the pool and we only have a limited amount of space behind it. We have a trumpet vine that we didn’t want to get rid of.)

As you can see from the pictures it fit perfect! The trunk of the vine is still there. We had it sent to the house with NO PROBLEMS. In fact if you any help Jim is always there to guide you and answer your question.

We are very happy with our new pump and look forward to many years with it. Also we found some new friends with Medallion Energy!

Thanks Denise and Jim!!!

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

You’re friend from Long Island,

Karen and Al Abbatiello | Long Island, NY
October 2017


Jim and Denise were extremely helpful when a chipmunk decided to nest in our heater causing a small electrical fire. Denise asked us to text pictures and Jim was able to tell us exactly what parts we needed.

Then in an effort to save our labor day weekend they worked feverishly to overnight us the parts. Unfortunately, the post office had computer issues and the parts didn’t get here until Tuesday. But as soon as the parts arrived Jim made himself available after hours to walk my husband through the repair.

Jim’s knowledge of our heater was so impressive, the repair went seamlessly and the heater is working great. We have been able to enjoy the pool the last couple of weekends thanks to Jim and Denise. I also could not believe how extremely friendly they both were, has to be the best customer service I’ve ever had.

Thank you again Jim!

Summer Spalliero | Holmdel, NJ
September 2017

I wanted to share with you how wonderfully pleased I am with the service you provided me.

My story is that after 6 years my ROME heat pump started to give me a few problems with operating correctly; fan running all the time or the heat pump just not turning on when it should. I could manually turn it on/off but that was a real pain making a trip down to my pool equipment. Since there were several problems, I inquired with a couple of other vendors that had dealt with ROME heaters and they were unable to assist me, but one company shared the Medallion Energy company name and phone number with me.

I spoke first with Jim and he explained to me the problem that the ROME heater company experienced that put them out of business, but his company had figured out the solution which was replacement of the circuit board. I purchased the new circuit board from Jim and within a few days it was at my home.

When it came time to replace the old circuit board Denise walked me through step by step. Not once was there any hesitation on her part with an explanation of each step to take and she really knew her way around the replacement. Quite honestly it was like she was looking over my shoulder as I followed her instructions.

Including the prep work, installation of the circuit board, and final testing, I would estimate that I spent maybe 90 minutes. Not bad for a 66 year old on the West Coast!

Thank you Denise and Jim!

Gary Thibodo | Vista, California
September 2017


I wanted to send a brief thank you for all of your help with my pool heat issues. You spent an hour and a half on the phone with me troubleshooting my old heat pump and when we decided that a new heat pump was the smarter choice, within 4 days a new unit was delivered to New York.

Your help with a few install issues on the new unit due to my previous setup, made the process seamless. My new heat pump is ultra quiet and heats the pool so much more efficiently than my old one. It is especially appreciated given that we have had a cool summer in NY.

You and your team should be commended on your customer service and willingness to answer all of my many questions. Thank you again for saving the summer!! Please see attached picture of my setup.

Best regards,

Mark Calaci | East Setauket, NY
September 2017


Medallion Energy provided world class service to us from the moment we spoke over the phone regarding our ten year old Aqua Comfort pool heat pump which suddenly failed to work.

Mr. Jim Diroff, President of the company, was extremely knowledgeable with the unit and provided expert advice as to the cause of the failure and what parts were necessary to repair it.  At a reasonable cost Jim sold us a new circuit control board and several new parts comprising a 5 Year Maintenance Kit.

The parts were promptly received by Priority Mail and we set up an appointment for Denise and Jim to walk us through the relatively straight forward removal of the old parts and installation of the new parts which all fit perfectly.  We’re very happy to say that the heat pump now works perfectly and like new.

Superb service and care was provided by Medallion Energy and I would certainly call and use them again.  It is refreshing to work with such nice honest people.

Thank you very much Jim and Denise!

John W. | Orient Point, Long Island, NY
August 2017


Hello Denise and Jim, and the rest of the staff at Medallion Energy,

I wanted to write a note of thanks for your wonderful support, helping me get my seven year old AquaComfort 75 back up and running.

When opening our pool a bit late this season, I found our heat pump would not come on at all; no indicator lights, no numbers or errors on the LCD panel. None of the local pool companies wanted to touch it because that model’s original manufacturer, Rome, had gone out of business. I searched for assistance online and found Medallion Energy.

I spoke with Denise, who immediately impressed me with her friendly customer service and her excellent technical knowledge of my *exact* model of heat pump. We spent a few minutes exchanging information. Based on her questions, I was confident I had found the folks who could really help. Denise suggested another call when I would have time for some troubleshooting over the phone, so we could better identify the cause of the issue. The call went well. It turned out we needed to replace the control board.

It was the end of June, with 4th of July approaching fast. Denise expedited the shipping at my request so I could get the parts in time for weekend. She set up the call to walk me through the board replacement on a Saturday!! It went pretty quickly and easily. Once the heat pump had the new control board, I ran into a problem where the old GFCI circuit breaker that supplied power would trip immediately, would not stay on at all. Denise got Jim on the phone. We checked a few things to see if the heat pump was the problem – it wasn’t. GFCI breakers can get very “finicky” when they get older. A quick trip to the hardware store for a new breaker, and the heat pump was back in operation! Thanks to Denise and Jim and Medallion Energy, our pool was ready to go for the holiday.

I can’t say enough about Medallion Energy. Thank you for all your help!

Al Syrylo | Felton, PA
July, 2017


I’m just going to copy over my yelp review because, honestly, I can’t think of any more exemplary things to say about Medallion and Denise specifically!
Oh. My. God. I cannot say enough fantastic things about Medallion Energy in general, and Denise in particular. I called them because I have an old, OLD pool heater (circa 2003) that was having issues thinking it was warmer than it was in the pool – and they came up on a google search as the part distributor.

Well not only did they diagnose my problem over the phone, not only did they help identify the parts I needed and sell them to me….Denise spent over an hour with me on the phone walking me through replacing all of the sensors. As someone who has never done anything like this before (and someone with an old heater and no youtube videos available) I cannot tell you how incredible that was. She was patient, understanding, and helped guide me through the “dos” and “donts” that are involved with opening a pool heater for my first try.

Denise, you are absolutely worth your weight in gold and I cannot thank you and Medallion enough. There are not enough synonyms for “fabulous” for me to include in this review, so I’ll end it by saying “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”!!!!!!!

Mitch Brenner | Bridgewater, NJ 08807
July 2017


Referral letter karen abatellio


My wife and I moved to a new house last summer. We are experienced pool owners, but our last pool was heated by a natural gas heater. We moved at the end of the summer and really had little time to swim, things seemed to be fine, we closed the pool in late August.

Living in New York, you need a heater for your pool. Period. We opened in late May this year. We have a 10-year- old Aqua Comfort heat pump, and when I started it up for the season I was greeted by a “FLO” message, no heat.

Well my pool guy thought it was old filters. We replaced them. No go. Next he wanted to sell me a new heat pump. I had a feeling it was an electronic issue, the money being on a sensor.

I searched online for parts and came upon Medallion Energy. Best move ever.

I emailed looking for a part, the next day I received an email from Denise Diroff asking me to call her. OK, I said.We spoke the next day.  She knew essentially everything about my heat pump, from the issue I was having to the manufacturer, to everything inside the pump. She knew exactly the problem I was having and why.

I could tell just by our conversation she knew her stuff, plus she was just nice. Parts were ordered. Two days later my new control board and sensors arrived. Denise had set up a time to be available for me on the phone. I’m pretty good with electronics, so with just a short discussion about my questions, the new parts were installed. I called back and Denise waited on the phone while I enabled the heat pump.

Well, it works just like it is supposed to. Fixed for a fraction of the cost of a new unit.  Total time of 1 hour with the unit and a couple hours online understanding the function of the electronics on my particular unit.

These folks are the real deal. Friendly, prompt, engaged, and very willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. I recommend Medallion without any reservation. A company that goes all the way with you to provide the best customer service I think I’ve ever seen.

You may be skeptical about long distance repair work, getting the correct parts and then installing them yourself, don’t be. This company is awesome period, a pleasure to work with from the moment Shelli answers the phone to the moment you throw the breaker back on.

Thanks to all at Medallion.

Rick Patterson | Marcy, NY
June 20, 2017


Just wanted to let you know the temperature calibration procedure worked perfectly (just wasn’t sure how to exit after the adjustment – turns out you just have to wait and it returns to normal operation/display)

Now the in-pool thermometer and heater display match perfectly.

Enjoyed our first weekend of comfortable pool time last week. The heater has been working without issue since the new fan motor, cap, and tune up kit were installed.

Thanks for all your help!

Pete M. | East Setauket, NY 11733
June 2017


Denise good morning.  I received the part yesterday and installed this morning.  All seems to be working fine at this time.  THANK YOU for the excellent service!!

Sal | Middletown, CT 06457
June 2017


Just a short note to thank you guys for the excellent service that resulted in the restoration of my non-working Rome pool heater.

The new updated control board that you sold me with the guidance for the installation made the dead heater come back to life and has been working ever since. Thank You!!!

Chuck B. | Homestead, FL 33030


Hello Jim and the staff at Medallion Energy.

I wanted to take a minute to thank Shelli and Denise for the wonderful service I received when I called to get some advice on repairing my heater. I had a malfunctioning frost sensor and Shelli convinced me that a new sensor would likely fix my problem, and she also stressed just how easy a repair it would be.

Having dealt with Medallion twice before she was able to determine just what heater I have and what the correct part would be. The part arrived Monday and within a half hour I had the new sensor installed and began heating my pool. Living in Maine where the season is short to begin with, the heater is a necessity.

I cannot speak highly enough about the courteous, prompt and knowledgeable staff at Medallion. Though I hope not to need service on my heater in the future I know who I will call if needed.

Best regards,

Jim Holbrook | Friendship, Maine


We purchased a heat pump from Medallion Energy for the swimming pool of our recently purchased home.  I would like to acknowledge this company for their exceptional customer service.  We found all employees to be
professional, friendly and accommodating.  The heater is exactly as advertised and was installed in a professional and timely manner. We couldn’t be happier with our experience

J Coates | Clermont, FL 34711


Jim and Denise are awesome. Jim is a wealth of information and from my dealings with him, is sincere and honest. Hard to find a company and people like this anymore. From start to finish, extremely happy. Jim will answer any and all questions, no matter what time or day it is. That is awesome.

The install was quick and efficient, and the installers were courteous and knowledgeable.

All around 5 stars and top notch company

Joe and Sharon Livingston | Clermont, FL 34711
February 2017

I had a defective pool heater (ROME) that came with the house. Four years and it never worked. Finally, I decided to get it up and running. With some research, found out that Medallion Energy had the parts I needed to get it working again.

The staff was extremely knowledgeable and sent me the parts same day- after receiving them, Denise walked me through replacing all the electronics piece by piece, all the sensors, and wiring. It was like she was standing over my shoulder the whole time.

Excellent service and now the heater is up and running! Wish all companies operated like Medallion Energy! Five stars and highly recommend.

Thank you!

Ed C | Boca Raton, FL 33487
March 2017


We have owned a vacation rental home in Kissimmee, FL since 2010. Living in Maine, it made sense for us to hire a property management company to handle rentals and provide ongoing property maintenance. Whenever a big repair expense arises, it can be difficult to determine who the best company to use is and inevitably owners like us are resigned to rely completely on our property management company to provide us objective and honest guidance.

When our pool heat pump ceased working recently our property management company notified us and suggested for their experience that the cost would be $4,500-$5,000. I
utilized HomeAdvisor to get a second opinion and was put in touch immediately with two 5-star rated companies. We hired Medallion Energy (International Pool Group) and could not possibly be more satisfied with our choice. Jim and Denise Diroff are accessible, professional, extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and exceedingly
reasonable in terms of price, especially when factoring all the added value, they provide in the job they perform. Jim is a virtual encyclopedia with 30+ years designing and installing pool heaters. He took the time to explain why a 130K BTU unit made more sense than the 95K unit recommended by another vendor and why the Oasis brand was the premier choice for quality and longevity. His crew was onsite the very next day to remove the old heater and install the new Oasis Platinum pool heat pump.  While there, one of his technicians discovered a live wire near the fuse box and went above and beyond the call of duty by securing the wires and helping us avoid what could have been a tragic event.

We arrived two days later to a pool and spa that defied the temperatures that had fallen into the low 30s that night! Further, we endured a violent thunderstorm the next night that tripped the new system. I called the office on a Sunday morning, and Jim called me back in five minutes and walked me through the reset.  We are thankful we did our own due diligence as it led to a professional team I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for quality and extraordinary value for their hard-earned dollars spent.

Chris Rogers | Falmouth, ME 04105 / Kissimmee, FL 34747
January 2017


I just wanted to drop this note to let you and your team know how thoroughly satisfied I have been with Medallion’s attentive customer service.

From the outset, you took the time to ask the right questions, accurately diagnosed my heat pump’s problems and gave me the confidence that with guidance I can accomplish the repairs.

The materials arrived as promised and in a timely manner. Lastly, a highly knowledgeable Todd patiently guided me through the replacement over a 45-minute
call. All works as if the unit were new again. I just wanted all of you to know that I don’t see high level, integrated customer care practiced very often.

You all have a great thing going on. Please keep it up.

Thanks again.

Joe Haberman | Baltimore, MD
July 8, 2016


Dear Denise and Jim,

Thank you for the great support!

When our 2007 AquaComfort Heat pump failed, our local energy service company concluded that the control board had most probably failed and they said they’d get back to us. After several calls back and forth, a week or two passed and we concluded that we were getting nowhere. The pool season is short here in Rockport Massachusetts, so we felt compelled to jump in ourselves.

A quick internet session located you and Medallion Energy in Florida, and a picture of the control board on your parts list. We passed all the necessary data to our service company.  After another few days of no progress, we decided to try doing it ourselves.

A quick call to you explained what we had to do.  We ordered the necessary parts and two days later they arrived by Priority Mail.  The next day you expertly and patiently walked us through the process of installing everything. Sending you iPhone pictures while we talked on our other phone really worked well. You stayed with us on the phone for an hour or more. You guys were wonderful! Thank you so much!

Your system is flawless, even for a couple of 80 year olds like us. The pump is humming away outside and we can’t wait to get the temperature up to the level we like. It’s rare to find people like you two who really know what you’re doing and who have the skill to instruct others.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Frank & Elaine Hassler | Rockport, MA
July 9, 2016


I cannot believe how high the level of tech support given by Denise and Jim was. Jim spent hours trying to get a local service contractor to do a service call at my house. This proved
impossible in the time frame I needed. He then convinced me that with their tech support, this could be done as a DIY.

He was right on the money.

Denise set an appointment and a friend who is handy came by. She walked us through step by step being courteous, professional and in good humor the whole time. When we ran into a few glitches due to an unconventional assembly in my machine she had us email a picture and had a workaround within 10 minutes.

I could not ask for a more competent engineer; she is what everyone in customer service should strive to be.I cannot think of one thing that i would ask for improvement on. I will always deal with this team for future sales and service.

Gerry Rutan | Lindenhurst, NY 11757
July 12, 2016


Let me start off by saying that I’m not on Facebook and do not write reviews. However, I feel that I must share my experience with Medallion Energy.

When my 5-year- old pool heater stopped heating my pool I called the pool company, they informed me that they couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working and I should call an electrician. My electrician said that the unit is getting electric and to try a HVAC technician. The HVAC guy said he can’t figure it out and to try another pool company. Each person that
came to assess the situation would charge $200.00.

After the fourth pool guy didn’t know what was wrong but offered me a new heater for $6,900.00, I called the
manufacturer and was referred to Jim Diroff at Medallion Energy.

After 5 minutes on the phone with Jim the problem was diagnosed. I have little mechanical ability and thus was uncomfortable attempting the repair myself, but Jim
assured me that he could walk me through anything other than a refrigeration issue. Medallion overnight mailed me the parts I needed and Jim gave me his cell phone number. He spent Sunday afternoon educating me on the design of the unit and walking me through the repair.

I can assure you that after 10 minutes of Jim’s instruction I knew more than any of the technicians in my area. Based upon my personal encounter with Jim Diroff I have the utmost
confidence in his company and offer the highest recommendation without reservation.

Edward Bonsignore | Mt. Sinai, NY
June 30th, 2016


All I can really say is that I have never experienced better customer service in my life!

Jim was able to talk me through a couple of troubleshooting techniques over the phone.He helped me pinpoint what the problem was with my swimming pool heat pump.

He was very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. I will not do business with anyone else. Without a doubt, Jim earned my business for life!!!

Bruce McCormick | Langhorne, PA
July 2016


I would just like to say that Denise who walked me through this whole project was wonderful.

She was very knowledgeable, forthcoming and said that all would run smooth and it did, for which I thank her. So far the unit is working as it should, and I hope it does for a long time
to come. But if there is a problem I know who to call!

Thank you again, Denise.
Harold Klouser | Edison, NJ
July 2016


My pool heater was not functional they came on time and performed the work and keep me informed of the cost and what was being done throughout the whole job.

James H


They installed a new control panel and it went very well. Spa heater works great now. A very honest and reputable company. Jim knows everything about Rome heaters. We were very pleased and price was very reasonable.

JoAnn M


Jim and Denise are awesome. Jim is a wealth of information and from my dealingms with him, is sincere and honest. Hard to find a company and people like this anymore. From start to finish, extremely happy. Jim will answer any and all questions, no matter what time or day it is. That is awesome. The install was quick and efficient and the installers were courteous and knowledgeable. All around 5 stars and top notch company.

Remy F
April 2016
Clermont, FL 34711


I want to thank Jim and Denise of Medallion Energy. I had a problem with my Rome pool heater and called Medallion for help!

I’m a retired law enforcement officer and I have never seen a more professional and well run businesslike Medallion. I also never had a repair service talk me out of a service call, but Medallion did.

Jim was able to pin point my problem. OVER THE PHONE !!!! After, ordering the new part Jim also talked me though the installation of the new part!

I don’t know where, they learned their customer service skills, but other business could learn a thing or two from Medallion.

Thanks Jim and Denise. You now have a customer for life.

Larry Pietrantonio
Satellite Beach, FL
March 7th, 2015



A quick note of thanks and appreciation for the truly OUTSTANDING customer service! When I spoke with Jim months ago, it was clear that he had tremendous knowledge about my pool heater. He instantly diagnosed the problem and I purchased the parts. They were received within days, but my schedule prevented me from calling back for the installation procedure for months!

When I finally called back, the woman that answered the phone immediately pulled up my paperwork and said she’d be happy to step me through it – and that’s exactly what she did. I had my cell phone on ‘speaker’ on top of the heater and she took me step by step with amazing detail…..made the repair seem simple. And along the way she said, “Take your time. I’ll be here as long as you need.” I told her then and I’m telling you again now….you have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE of anyone I’ve worked with in years!!!

The fact that I live in Upstate NY, found you in Florida simply by typing in the heater name, and that I had this type of customer experience just blows me away! You are a shining example of what American business should be!! Keep up the phenomenal work and please accept my gratitude for a job VERY WELL DONE!!!

Most sincerely,

Todd Humiston
Rome, NY
August 27th, 2015


I would like to take a moment to thank you for all your help throughout the entire repair process. From diagnosis to final install you were amazing!!! Your patience during the install process was especially appreciated. I am not the handiest man in the world but you told me on our initial call not to worry, that you had done this many times before and you were confident I could do it. Well, you were right. We did it and my heater is working great!!!

I hope there are no more problems with my heater going forward. But, if there are I know exactly who to call. In this day and age of poor customer service and seemingly uncaring people you were a breath of fresh air. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Please pass this along to upper management as you truly deserve recognition!!!

BTW, I am mailing back the broken board today or tomorrow.

Thanks again,

Kevin Kish
Derry, NH
August 19th, 2015


Jim and Denise, Medallion Energy

As you know I had some recent damage to my pool heater as a result of an electrical storm. You folks have been so responsive in getting the heater fixed. You spent hours (uncompensated) on the phone with me helping me diagnose the problem and explaining to me in detail how to install the replacement parts.

You saved me hundreds of dollars! Your knowledge of your heater equipment (Medallion Energy & Aqua Comfort Heat Pumps) is unbelievable; if only other companies were
so knowledgeable and helpful.

I am extremely appreciative and would recommend you and your company (Medallion Energy) to anyone who is interested in buying your
products. You folks are amazing!

Thanks again,

Mystic, CT
July 27th, 2015


The people at Medallion are excellent and knowledgeable. My recent 2 transactions with them went very easy and I enjoyed talking to Jim about my heat pump. He helped
me get it exactly right. I would definitely recommend this company and I will use them again for my future needs.

Matthew Voltaggio
Smithtown, NY
August 4th, 2015


Dear Jim and staff!

All too often we neglect to reach out and thank someone for a job or jobs well done. I wanted to take a few seconds and do so. Thank you Jim for taking care of the issue we had with our pool heater, although a minor one, we were at the end of our rope with our installer over this, and you jumped up to bat ASAP.

We received the parts via fed ex along with instructions for our pool repair man( who did not install our heater) along with a check from your company to him for the labor
to do the repair. Our pool heater for our complex is up and running fine. Thank you for such a quick response, dedication and concern for customer satisfaction!

We are more than satisfied with your excellent customer service, and look forward to continuing to do business with your company. Its people like you that restore the faith in the
business world! Thank you ever so much.

Gail Hargis | President TSCHOA
Marathon, FL


I would like to take a minute to thank you for your excellent service and follow up on the order for the pool salt generator. I rarely have come across a company that provides such personalized and immediate follow up. Thank you very much and the salt generator is working great! I will be using Medallion Energy for any future system upgrades for sure.

Thanks again,

Joanne and Lou Corrado
Centerport, NY
July 29th, 2015


I just wanted to give you and Jim a 5 Star rating. You are both awesome people. You took AquaComfort’s problem and solved it for me when you didn’t have to and for that I’m truly grateful. You gave me faith again that people do care about their Customers, because AquaComfort surely does NOT. I highly recommend Medallion Energy to all. Even though I live in NJ, I will definitely refer you to all my friends and family in NY/NJ.

Thanks again.
Jennifer Rodrigues
Jackson, NJ
July 27th, 2015


I can`t say enough about the fantastic customer help and support Jim and Denise gave me so I could repair my Aqua Comfort pool heater heat pump. He walked me through every step from ordering all the parts right through to installation. Everything arrived in a very timely manner. I was never put on hold or switched into voice mail. The heater is running just as well now as when it was first installed. Thank you very much!

Rick Hewitt
Waretown, New Jersey


Hi Jim

I would like to thank you for helping Al with all the mechanical support to repair our pool heater and your valuable time you gave him. You are very knowledgeable and quite patient.

Our grandchildren were very happy that the pool heater was working again for our Fourth of July celebration.

Thank you again

Marie and Al Palmieri
July 7th, 2015
Islip, NY 11751


I can`t say enough about the fantastic customer help and support Jim and Denise gave me so I could repair my Aqua Comfort pool heater heat pump. He walked me through every step from ordering all the parts right through to installation. Everything arrived in a very timely manner. I was never put on hold or switched into voice mail. The heater is running just as well now as when it was first installed. Thank you very much!

Rick Hewitt
Waretown, New Jersey
July 7th, 2015


Dear Jim and Denise,

We can’t thank you enough for diagnosing AND solving the problems with our AquaComfort pool heater. You are superb coaches.

Each replacement part came packaged and labelled separately so that my husband and I could successfully install the perfectly fitting parts. We felt triumphant, but it was really all due to your know-how some 1700 miles away from our place on Shelter Island. Thank you!

Jonnet and Peter Abeles
Shelter Island Heights, NY
June 28th, 2015


I could never say enough good things about Medallion Energy and Denise Diroff. We contacted this company about our Rome pool heater when we found out the Rome company was no longer in business. We live in Tennessee far outside this company’s service area, but they walked us through diagnosing our problem over the phone. The price for fixing the unit was rather high, but much cheaper than buying a new heater.

Denise spent a lot of time on the phone with us even after hours and then spent an hour walking us through the installation of the new parts once we received them. We received the parts quickly and the whole process was very smooth and professional. We were very impressed with their knowledge of the product and willingness to go above and beyond to make sure we were happy with their service. This company is truly concerned with helping customers!

Thank you for all your help!

Mark and Kay Creech
Morristown, TN
June 18th, 2015


Hey Jim,

It is not often I have the kind of service that you have given me with the service of my Aqua Comfort pool heater. You were upfront and honest from the first call. I appreciate all the time and care you put into making sure you solved my issue with my pool heater . You showed you truly care about your clients and obviously know you stuff. Aqua comfort is lucky to have you representing their product.

Thank you again for everything

A VERY satisfied customer.

Chris LoCascio
Director of Exterior Sales
Alure Home Improvements
July 24th, 2014


Denise and Jim,

I wish to extend my sincere thanks for all your help in getting my pool heater up and running.

Denise- you were very courteous and knowledgeable with respect to the control board required to make the repair. I appreciated your vote of confidence that I could indeed install this board with assistance.

Jim- thanks for all your patience and guidance with the step by step process to install the control board. You were most helpful.

All in all, my experience with your company has been way beyond my expectations.

Thanks again!

Enjoy your summer!!


Dan Hendricksen
Vernon, CT
June 7th, 2015


I want to thank and commend you for your recent handling of my inquiry and purchase with your company. After having problems with starting up our pool heat pump this year and searching for solutions, I learned that that my heat pump manufacture (Rome Industries) had gone out of business. My research of what to do, repair, or replace directed me to Medallion Energy, and I’m very glad it did.

When I contacted Medallion, my phone call was answered by Jim Diroff and I’m very fortunate it was. Jim not only was the most courteous and professional person I’ve spoken to in this industry, but also the most knowledgeable. Jim knew my specific unit and it nuances like the back of his hand. He immediately walked me through steps to troubleshoot the unit and made a determination of the trouble on the spot. He provided sensible recommendations for the repair and suggestions for avoiding trouble in the future.

I clearly understand that Medallion is in the business to sell parts and service and to make money, but not for a moment did they put the “sales pitch” on me which is so common in the business especially when the “season” kicks in. Other representatives followed up with me by phone and email to let me know the parts I ordered shipped with expected arrival dates. When the parts that I ordered arrived, Jim made an appointment with me ( and kept it I might add) and walked me through every step of the installation process with knowledge, kindness, and patience.

I don’t consider myself to be handy, but he made feel like an electronics rock star with detailed instructions, pictures and just incredible customer service. Working with Jim was like working with an old friend and neighbor and not “some company I found on a website”. Absolutely fantastic.

Mike S.
Long Island, NY



As we had discussed on the telephone, I was very impressed with the fact that when I called someone actually answered the telephone and did not require me to press 1 for this person or 2 for that person. To top it off, I was greeted by someone who was knowledgeable about my specific pool heat pump. As reluctant as I was about fixing my heat pump on my own, you assured me that would not be the case. You said, “Call us once you get the parts and we’ll schedule a time to help walk you through it”, which is exactly what you did. Not only did we converse by telephone, you responded to several photographs that I took and emailed to you. In addition, you sent me photographs to describe certain things to assist me in my repairs.

This testimonial is really about customer service, and Denise provided it 100%. In today’s world when you call a company for customer support it is rare when you don’t have to go through all kinds of barriers such as leaving messages, getting transferred from one department to another, having to chat on-line for support, etc. I had none of those barriers with Medallion Energy.

I would like to thank you for your responsiveness, professionalism, and definitely your patience in dealing with a novice such as myself. I will recommend Medallion Energy to any person for parts or services.


Brian Prichard
Westminster, Maryland
May 2015


All I can say is “wow”. I do not recall any time I have received such great customer service as I did with Medallion Energy. When my pool heat pump would not operate, I was thinking that I would be facing repair or replacement costs of several thousand dollars. Denise knew the exact questions to ask to find out the extent of the problem, and knew just what the solution was. While the replacement circuit board was not exactly inexpensive, it was certainly less than an entire new heat pump would have cost. Many companies would have probably told me that was what I needed, based on the fact that the original manufacturer of my pump was no longer in business.

In 4 short days we had the part delivered, and the next day I called to set up a time to get walked through the installation. Denise was ready when I called at the prescribed time, and patiently walked me through all the steps to getting everything installed. One hour later, it was done and the heat pump worked perfectly.

I would highly recommend Medallion Energy to anyone needing parts or service on their pool heat pump. Their customer service and helpful attitudes are second to none.

Eric West
Wenatchee, WA


Jim and his team were great. Very knowledgeable about the pool heater options, very responsive, and very professional. They were able to install the pool heater that same week, install a salt water generator, put the correct amount of salt in the pool, etc. they even came back a week later to fix the thermostat. Jim was also complimentary of another company competing for my business, which is rare in my experience. I would highly recommend Jim to anyone.

Michael D
Maitland, FL


Jim, I would like to express my appreciation for the professionalism and friendliness demonstrated by you, the office personnel, and the installation team during the process of purchasing and receiving my new heat pump.

Thanks again

Gary Gibson
Merritt Island, Florida



Let me thank you for the quickest and most effective technical support in diagnosing the problem with my 9 year old heat pump pool heater I’ve had in 37 years of pool ownership. Using one photo and a few questions, you had the parts needed in my hands in 24 hours, then talked me through properly changing the capacitors safely and verifying proper operation of the heater whose manufacturer is no longer in business. Thanks also to Denise for staying on top coordinating the tech support and parts sales. I’m glad I took a chance on a long distance service company rather than my local one based on the information I found on your website.

Please call when you have someone in the Melbourne area next for a routine servicing.

Thanks again,
Dana Macklin
Satellite Beach, FL


Hello Jim,

Thank you very much to Denise for valued help and expertise when
ordering and installing the above flow switch on my pool heater. I can
highly recommend this company

Hans Deul
Richmond, TX


Hello Jim,

I have just completed the repair of my Aqua Comfort Heat Pump. I had been struggling with whether to pay for a Service Technician (which I really could not afford) or to do this repair myself. I contacted Aqua Comfort and they informed me that your company was really the only company left that fully supported this unit, both with parts and expertise. That proved very much to be the case as I called your company and was walked through what I needed to buy, and exactly why I needed to buy it. The parts came with an instructional sheet, and you informed me on the phone of your willingness to literally be on the phone as I did the repair, luckily that was not necessary, but the security you set was very comforting.
I was able to change the pump motor and capacitor without any trouble, upon completion the unit started right up and I was extremely happy. My family will be more happy than me in about 24 hours!

Thank you so much and have a great day.

Chris Stillman
Redding, CT



Thank you so much for your patience as you helped us replace the motherboard on our pool’s heatpump. My husband and I were able to follow your directions and install the part ourselves with only a few tools we already had around the house. This is not the kind of repair we do frequently and we could not have done it without your guidance.

Brenda Press
Brookeville, MD


Jim and Denise,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for helping me repair my heat pump. You were both so patient with me. I had never worked on a heat pump before, and I could not have fixed it without your knowledge and expertise. Your were easy to reach and provided me with friendly customer service throughout.

Thanks for all your help!



My heater didn’t turn on to heat the pool, and my daughter, her husband and my 2 grandsons were coming to visit, I took a chance and called Medallion Energy on a Saturday afternoon, to my surprise Jim answered the phone, but asked to call back because he was on another call. Calling back he walked me through all the settings to get codes so he was able to tell me what was wrong with the heater. Jim decided it was the circuit board, now I was, like, how long is that going to take, he said he had the part in stock, and would overnight it to me so that it would be fixed in time for my daughters and grandsons visit, and he discounted the overnight charge because, Jim said he knows how important it is to have your daughter not only visit but also enjoy themselves.

Now I have the part, and a tech named Denise was going to walk me through installing the new circuit board, she was amazing, very patient, precise, knowledgeable. We had that circuit board in and working about 35 minutes later, done complete, all buttoned up. This company goes far and above any company I have ever had to deal with, I will be back hopefully for another heater in 5-6 years, but Medallion Energy is where I will buy, the best all around. Thank you very much Jim and Denise, my daughter and grandsons had a blast because of you and your company.

Frank Bennet
Homosassa, FL


Hi Jim,

As you know our heating unit is seven years old and it has been the albatross of our summer backyard resort. It worked the first year and then the next three years we had various service reps here and could never diagnose the problems. Finally I found an heating and plumbing company that specialize in wine cellars that was able to fix the issues after Aqua Comfort had exchanged our unit for a refurbished one. Needless to say up to recently we had been very dissatisfied with this heater.

The real reason for this email is to complement YOUR diagnostic services provided over the phone for the two recent issues. The first issue pertained to incorrect readings on the digital temperature output where the temp was reading somewhere between 20 to 25 degrees F different that of the pool. I replaced the TI with your verbal instruction and it was a simple task.

The second issue was more of a concern since we were not get any heat to the pool with the heater running and we were hearing a bussing in the house along with our house lights dimming every three to four minutes. Here again, with your expertise, you were able to diagnose the problem over the phone, expedite shipping of the new capacitor, and providing verbal instruction for installation and checking of the unit for proper operation.

It is professionals like you that provide excellent customer service and superior knowledge to get the equipment back online in a timely fashion to allow the user to enjoy what they have purchased for added comfort.

You and only you have changed my wife’s and my opinion of Aqua Comfort’s customer service and operation knowledge of your equipment. I hope I do not need to use your services again but rest assure that if I do I will certainly want to speak with you on any future issues

My sincere thanks for quick and correct resolution of our issues.


Pat Giovannone
Saddlebrook, NJ



I wanted to thank you for the exceptional service you provided me on my AquaComfort heat pump. You truly care for your customers. You could have easily sold me a part and then let me go on my merry way. Instead you spent over an hour with me on the phone walking me through step by step troubleshooting until you got it running again! Your patience and outstanding customer service was truly appreciated. You saved us time and money and now we have a warm pool!


Darren M.
Medford, NY 11763


Hello Denise,

I would like to thank you for all your help, last year you provided me with the details on fixing my swimming pool heat pump and this year I got around to ordering the replacement board.

I appreciate all your help along the way that started with explaining the issue and sending me a quotation.

I received the parts in 3 days’ time from ordering and you helped walk me through installing the next day and my family will be able to swim tomorrow, very pleased in the response time!

The installation only took an hour and 15 minutes and was very simple and easy as you were there to guide me through each step over the phone. I would highly recommend your company for any future parts that I or anyone I know may need for their pool.

Have a great year!

Best regards,

Walter Peters
Kratos Public Safety & Security
Tomball, TX



May 1st

Thank you so much for your assistance with our Rome Heat Pump. Your customer service skills are top notch and hard to find anywhere today. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again.

Bill Amheiser
Seffner, FL



April 2014

Just a quick thank you to Jim and Ken for repairing my Rome spa heater where another company put the wrong circuit board in.mKen addressed my problem with patience and experienced know how and drove in to Boca Raton to fix my heater.

Thank you Ken for your honesty and professionalism. I will be dealing with Medallion Energy for any spa heater problems from now on!

Boca Raton, FL



May 16th

I want to thank Jim and Denise of Medallion Energy. I had a problem with my pool heater and called Medallion for help.

I have NEVER had a repair service talk me out of a service call, but Medallion did. Thru photos and e-mails, Jim was able to pin point my problem and had me correct it. OVER THE PHONE !!!!

I don’t know where they learned their customer service skills, but other business should call Medallion for classes.

Thanks Jim and Denise. You now have a customer for life.
Bill Amheiser
Seffner, FL



April 7, 2014

Our previous 2009 heat pump had parts made in China, which ultimately caused that company to go bankrupt by November, 2013, just before our warranty ran out.

We met up with Jim’s Medallion Energy company as a result of this problem, and from the beginning we immediately were impressed with how professional, polite, helpful, and efficient Jim, Denise, and Ken were.

I recently had two total hip replacement surgeries, and desperately needed to use our pool for therapy in order to walk again. They raced to help us get a new heat pump installed and get our pool up and running.

in a few days. They called us and kept us informed. They were timely in their appointments and kept them. We love our new AQUA COMFORT HEAT PUMP! It is more quiet and more efficient,and seems to heat faster than our old one, even though it’s the same size as the old one.

Hooray! It’s made in America—ALL PARTS! We recommend everyone to use Medallion Energy for all services!

Their good work ethic is outstanding and refreshing! Thank you Jim, Denise, and Ken!
Vero Beach, Fl.



Hi Jim

I would just like to thank you for helping us out when we found ourselves with problems with our Rome pool heater.

As promised your engineer turned up on the day and time as stated and despite bad weather completed the work requested. He even came back the following day at no extra charge to make sure everything was running normally.

The fact that the pool heater is now running better than ever is all the proof we need that you have diagnosed and corrected the inherent problems with the heater.

Thanks again

Davenport FL




Stan and I wanted to thank you and Denise for the excellent support you’ve given us on our Rome pool heater, both last year when we needed to replace the control board and this year when the FLO issue was simply a lack of flow in the pool. We replaced the pump and all the filters and now the pool’s heating like it should.

You guys are a pleasure to deal with!

Best regards, Cindy and Stan Merkin

Cindy and Stan Merkin
Stuart, FL
April 2, 2014



“Thanks Jim and all at Medallion Energy for the great service in supplying & installing the most appropriate pool heater. You’re the best in the business because you know what your customer needs. ”




We were very pleased with the tech Jerre that serviced our pool heater. He arrived at the specified time, was knowledgeable, professional and worked quickly and efficiently. He did have to do a little more trouble shooting than originally thought, but was able to determine the malfunctioning part and replace it in a timely manner.

We are glad that Medallion was able to pick up the service from the defunct Rome Industries (too bad, so sad that we lost out on 8 years of our warranty).

Thanks Jim for sending us a great tech.

Sandra & Chuck



Awesome pool/heat pump repair and great customer service! Medallion Energy recently repaired our pool heat pump. When we had some questions during the Thanksgiving weekend, Jim dropped everything that he was doing and drove from Apopka to Clermont to troubleshoot the system. He then called back the following morning (Sun) just to make sure everything was working properly. I highly recommend Medallion Energy for all services!

John/Clermont, FL



Hi Denise,

Thanks to you, Jim and Jerre.

Even though I hated to spend so much money on a item that I thought had a good warranty, I’m glad your company has stepped up to the plate for us lost souls. Ha Ha.

The chocolates were just a small token of my appreciation for how you all handled my crisis situation. You can be assured that I will be bugging you again if anything else goes south on my heat pump. Hopefully, as Jim said, it should last 20 years without further problems. If so, I won’t have to experience anymore problems in my lifetime.

Well, enough of this. After-all, I wouldn’t want to take you away from helping others in distress.

BTW: It seems the work Jerre did today was perfect. After he left, I ran the spa up to 104 degrees without any problems.

Thanks again to all who helped solve my problem(s).

Edgar Bruce Greenland
Orlando, FL




Thanks for the help with the pool heater, followed your instructions and it was working 15 minutes later.

Rocky Ridge, MD



Dear Jim,

Thank you very much for your prompt and very helpful service in sorting out the problems with our Pool Heater. Your patience and understanding in talking me through the installation of the new parts was very much appreciated and made the job a lot easier and less daunting than I thought it would be.

I would recommend your service to anyone who finds themselves in a similar position to us with a faulty pool heater, where the warranty had lapsed.

I wish you and your Company all the best for the future.
Kind regards,

Robert Watts
Inverness, FL