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What are the most important factors to consider when choosing a pool heater?

First and foremost, a pool heater is a long-term investment.

The most important factors to consider are:

• Initial price (including installation): Did you know that some fossil fuel heaters such as natural gas heaters, though the heater is lower priced than a heat pump, can cost $1000 to $2000 more to install than a heat pump?
• Operating costs: Did you know that fossil fuel heaters (natural gas, propane and oil fired) cost 4-5 times more to heat your pool than a heat pump? See our Heating Cost Calculator for details.
• Ease of operation and maintenance
• Product life expectancy: Did you know that the life expectancy of a heat pump is twice that of a fossil fuel heater?
• Attractive, durable design: Does the heater compliment your pool/patio design?
• Operating cost trends which demonstrate that a heat pump is a significantly smarter investment now than it was several years ago and which indicate that the operating cost savings in the future will continue to make a heat pump an even better choice in the future.

Look to your pool dealer to give you the proper pool heating solutions. More and more dealers and pool owners are choosing heat pumps.

What is a swimming pool heat pump, and how does it compare to other pool heaters?

A swimming pool heat pump removes “FREE HEAT” from the air and transfers it to the freon via an evaporator. The heated freon passes through the heat exchanger where the heat is transferred to the pool water. The main reason heat pumps are becoming so popular is that they are efficient and effective, offering very significant operating costs savings compared to fossil fuel heaters.

Why are leading pool dealers choosing heat pumps?

They WORK!!

• Pool owners want them because:

o Heat pumps save them money (lots of it)
o Heat pumps are safe and easy to operate
o Heat pumps last longer than fossil fuel heaters
o Heat pumps give them warm water affordability, throughout the season, whenever they want it

How does AquaComfort compare to other heat pumps?

With over 30 years of heat pump pool heater design experience, AquaComfort is built to outperform the competition. Advanced micro-computer technology and exclusive design features result in 20-30% more heating performance than other leading heat pumps. Unlike most other heat pump pool heaters, which use off-the-shelf components, AquaComfort uses components specifically designed for optimum performance. This means higher efficiency and lower operating costs than competitive heat pumps. All AquaComfort pool heaters are equipped with our Turboguard heat exchanger for long life and high performance. In addition, with its unique microcomputer technology, AquaComfort heat pumps operate most cost-effectively throughout the full range of operating conditions, significantly outperforming the competition in the critical 40-60 degree air temperature range. AquaComfort is the #1 choice of leading pool builders.

 What does the AquaComfort’s microcomputer control offer?

The highest performing heat pump pool heater available. AquaComfort heaters incorporate digital technology to create the most advanced, efficient heating system available. The microcomputer-controlled unit is quiet and simple to operate, yet provides state-of-the-art design and capabilities. Water temperature is precisely controlled and displayed at all times. Fan speed is automatically monitored and adjusted for peak performance at all temperatures and conditions. AquaComfort is even equipped with built-in service analyzers to insure safe, problem-free operation. In addition, all AquaComfort pool heaters offer dual temperature capability for pool spa applications.

What does AquaComfort’s Turboguard heat exchanger offer?

The patent pending AquaComfort Turboguard heat exchanger is specially designed to guard against corrosion, insuring many years of comfort and efficiency. Our heat exchanger design team developed Turboguard, the next generation of heat exchangers, to ensure longevity without sacrificing performance. Your AquaComfort heater is designed and built to outlast and outperform the competition.

What size AquaComfort is required for my pool application?

Use our website to find the right size AquaComfort heater for your pool and see how much an Aqua Comfort can save you at the same time.

Can you prove that the AquaComfort is economical?

Use our Savings Calculator to find out how much you can save.

Is it easy to operate?

YES. Set it and forget it! With an easy-to-use keypad, all you have to do is program the desired temperature onto the control panel. AquaComfort will do the rest.

Is it difficult to install?

Not for your pool dealer. An AquaComfort heater can be installed by your pool professional quickly and easily.

What are the effects of recent increased energy costs on pool heating?

Because of the inherent efficiency advantage of an Aqua Comfort heat pump, electric rates would have to rise 3-4 times faster than the cost of natural gas and 4-5 times faster than propane to have an equivalent net dollar effect on your pocketbook. Long term, electric rates have proven to be more stable than fossil fuel rates. For a historical perspective go to our website to see how pool heating costs have changed since 2000.

Should a solar blanket be used?

It is not necessary to use a solar blanket. Because the AquaComfort is so much more efficient than competitive heat pumps it can effectively heat pools that the competition can’t. Many pool owners, particularly those with free form pools, effectively heat their pools with AquaComfort without a solar blanket.

It is important to note however that the regular use of a solar blanket will eliminate evaporating heat loss thereby reducing heating costs by as much as 50%.

Will the AquaComfort ever need more freon?

No. Unless the AquaComfort has a leak in the sealed refrigeration system, the factory charge of freon should last for the life of the unit. Freon is very stable and should not degrade or breakdown even under severe operating conditions.

 Does AquaComfort use the new and more environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant?

YES. As a matter of fact AquaComfort began using R410A in its units several years ago. Most competitive manufacturers started using R410A when mandated by law on January 1, 2010. Once again AquaComfort was several years ahead of the competition.

Are Aqua Comfort heat pumps environmentally friendly?

Yes. The use of an Aqua Comfort pool heater instead of a fossil fuel pool heater will reduce CO2 emissions (the major cause of global warming) by 85-95%, making an Aqua Comfort pool heater an environmentally smart decision for now and for the future. The average fossil fuel pool heater puts 18,000 pounds of CO2 into the air each and every year. By using an AquaComfort heat pump you can virtually eliminate all that pollution. Reduce greenhouse gases…choose Aqua Comfort!

In addition, a small Aqua Comfort heat pump can be added, cost effectively, to an existing gas heater to reduce operating costs by 50% or more and greenhouse gas emissions by 60% and more.

Will the unit ever need to be serviced?

Our units are built to operate reliably and effectively for many years. However in the instance when service is required, it is performed by Medallion Energy factory-trained personnel. We are familiar, not only with the unit, but also with all the heater parts and functions, insuring a happy satisfied customer.

Is there a warranty included?

AquaComfort heaters are available with one of the strongest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry (One year full parts and labor with an additional nine years on the compressor and heat exchanger parts). A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility (equipped with specially engineered production equipment and test facilities second to none in the industry) combined with many years of design and production experience insures that your AquaComfort heater is built to last.

What about certified performance and safety?

Aqua Comfort heat pumps are certified for performance by the AHRI (American Heating and Refrigeration Institute) and they are UL listed for safety. Please note however that certified performance by the AHRI is measured at two design points and is not indicative of a heat pump pool heater’s performance throughout a full range of operating conditions (a heat pump’s total performance). Aqua Comfort outperforms the competition by 20-40% during the critical first and last 30 days of the pool season.

 Can an Aqua Comfort heater cool a pool?

 Yes, our specially designed Total Comfort heat/cool units, not only heat your pool early and late in the season, but they can cool your pool, if needed, during the hottest time of the season with a flip of a switch. You can’t do that with a gas heater.


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