Rome Industries Heater Parts

Rome Industries Inc. of Leesburg, FL was the manufacturer of Rome/Solarium Pool Heaters. Their heaters were sold under the Rome Industries name as well as under several private labels.

partsThe units were well designed. However, they contained a number of proprietary parts and circuit boards that were specific to each brand and model.

Rome Industries went out of business in March 2012 !

We are now the largest distributor and service facility for Rome Industries Heat Pumps & Pool Heaters in the United States.

Medallion Energy is the ONLY company in the country that has a full inventory of OEM parts and components for all Models & Series of the Rome Industries line of heat pumps & pool heaters.

CONSUMER ALERT: Beware of companies claiming to have original parts for Rome Pool Heaters. They Don’t! These outdated/incorrect parts may do futher DAMAGE TO YOUR UNIT !

If you require a service call or part replacement for your Rome Pool Heat Pump, we can help!

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A pool heating specialist will diagnose the problem, and help your track down the necessary part to replace.