Rome Industries Pool Heater Parts

Rome Industries Pool Heater Parts

The parts listed below are stocked, ready-to-order and are compatible with all Rome Industries pool heaters (Heat/Cool, Above Ground, Commercial, Premier and Solarium).

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COMPRESSOR pool heater compressor Compresses refrigerant gas into a hot gas and pumps it through the heat exchanger.
COMPRESSOR CAPACITOR pool heater compressor capacitor Assists the compressor with running and starting up. (A malfunctioning capacitor can damage the compressor and cause it to overheat)
HIGH PRESSURE SWITCH pool heater high pressure switch A safety switch that monitors the system for high-pressure faults, and protects the compressor from damage.
LOW PRESSURE SWITCH pool heater low pressure switch A safety switch that monitors the system for low-pressure faults, and protects the compressor from damage.
DEFROST SENSOR vintageclassicdefrostsensor Controls defrost mechanism and monitors temperature of evaporator coil.
TEMPERATURE SENSOR heat pump temperature sensor Monitors incoming water temperature.
WATER PRESSURE SWITCH heat pump water pressure switch Monitors proper water flow level and PSI, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency within the heat pump. Protects compressor from damage.
Viconics Control Board (2003-2007) & Built-to-Last Control Board (2007-2012)
aquacomfort heat pump control board viconicsaquacomfort heat pump control board built to last Manages and controls all electronically powered functions.
TRANSFORMER oem pool heater transformer Controls the conversion of electrical currents (higher to lower).
CONTACTOR pool heater contactor Distributes electrical voltages to various components in the unit.
FAN BLADE vintage classic fan blade Works with fan motor to draw in and harvest free heat from the atmosphere. (Note: Fan blade designs are specific to each unit. Fan blade angle (pitch) and size are sensitively crucial factors that can damage or destroy your fan motor if not properly calibrated.)
FAN CAPACITOR pool heater fan capacitor Assists fan motor with running and starting up. (A malfunctioning fan capacitor can damage the fan motor and cause it to overheat)
FAN MOTOR heat pump fan motor Powers the rotation of the fan blade which harvests free heat from the air.(Fan motors are designed to work at maximum efficiency with unit-specific fan blades and fan capacitors only.)
FAN RELAY pool heater fan relay Controls power distribution to fan motor.
WATER MANIFOLD heat pump water manifold Forms connection between outer water supply valve (inlet), heat exchanger and return valve (outlet).

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About Rome Industries Inc.

Rome Industries Inc. of Leesburg, FL was the manufacturer of Rome/Solarium Pool Heaters. Their heaters were sold under the Rome Industries name as well as several other private labels.

partsThe units were well designed. However, they contained a number of proprietary parts and circuit boards that were specific to each brand and model.

Rome Industries went out of business in March 2012 !

We are now the largest distributor and service facility for Rome Industries Heat Pumps & Pool Heaters in the United States.

CONSUMER ALERT: Beware of companies claiming to have original parts for Rome Pool Heaters. They Don’t! These outdated/incorrect parts may do futher DAMAGE TO YOUR UNIT !

Medallion Energy is the ONLY company in the country that has a full inventory of OEM parts and components for all Models & Series of the Rome Industries line of heat pumps & pool heaters.